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Fondue Nights

2023/2024 General Public Fondue Season closed Saturday May 18, 2024.
Now bookings private fondue parties for 8-10 persons, June, July & August.
NOTE: 2024/2025 General Public Fondue Season will resume October 2024.

Classic cheese fondue is served with baguette, roasted potatoes, pork charcuterie & gherkins.

Chocolate fondue for dessert includes fruit & cookies.

$49/Person plus taxes

Indulge in the ultimate cheese fondue experience at Grate Cheesery. Immerse yourself as you dip fresh bread and roasted potatoes into a bubbling pot of rich and creamy cheese fondue. Our carefully selected cheeses create a harmonious blend that tantalizes your taste buds with each dip. And the journey doesn't end there – satisfy your sweet cravings as you dive into a velvety chocolate fondue for dessert.

Fondue Party: 5:30pm, 2 hour seating

 Automatic 18% gratuity applies to all private parties.

Fondue Reservation Request

Thanks for your fondue reservation request.

We will contact you to discuss your reservation request ASAP.

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